The daily use of interdental brushes

Biteaway’s range of high quality interdental brushes are manufactured in Switzerland. The small brush heads are made of thin nylon and utilize innovative paro® isola technology. They are designed to fit perfectly into the spaces between your teeth and remove the yellowish plaque that builds up there. The results are startling: no more plaque and no more bits of food and bacteria in your mouth, which means no more bad breath!

But that’s not all.

No more plaque also means no more cavities, no more gingivitis (inflammation of the gum tissue) and no more periodontitis (bone atrophy of the alveolar bone). Each one of these oral health issues that the brushes help solve translate to no more bad breath. And no more bad breath means more confidence and a beautiful smile. It’s that simple.

And no more bad breath means more confidence and a beautiful smile.
It’s that simple.


The daily use of interdental brushes to clean the spaces between your teeth has many advantages:
Effective in removing plaque
(a yellowish film of bacteria)
Removal of any bits of food and bacteria stuck in your teeth after a day of eating
By eliminating plaque you will also have no bad breath, cavities, tartar, gum disease and bone atrophy of the alveolar bone (a cause of heart attacks and premature births)
Dealing with oral and dental issues including tartar and gum disease means you won't have huge dentist bills
Gets rid of bad breath so you have greater well-being and more self-confidence
A healthy mouth without tartar means a beautiful, brilliant smile. GET STARTED


What are interdental brushes?

These small oral care brushes are cone shaped with a length of about 3cm, and are designed to clean the spaces between your teeth every day. The brushes easily fit between these narrow spaces between your teeth, and can clean where a normal toothbrush can‘t reach. By doing this they remove the sticky, yellowish film of bacteria that forms on the teeth, otherwise known as plaque. Plaque is one of the main causes of cavities, bacterial inflammation of the gum tissue (gingivitis), bone atrophy of the alveolar bone (periodontitis) as well as something we all want to get rid of: bad breath. Besides cleaning the spaces between your teeth, interdental brushes are also used to clean dental braces.

Are interdental brushes better than dental floss?

Both dental floss and interdental brushes are tools that clean the spaces between your teeth. But, the spaces between the molars are hard to reach with dental floss or with an electric toothbrush. Molars have a concave shape, which means they are curving in. Or to put it another way, their silhouette is similar to a woman’s waistline. And it is precisely those little hollows between them that the usual thin dental floss can‘t clean properly. That‘s where interdental brushes are more effective. The flexible nylon bristles of the brushes easily fit into these hollows to clean the entire molar.


What are interdental brushes made of?

Biteaway’s interdental brushes are manufactured in Switzerland and consist of a cone shaped brush head and a handle. The brush head is made of high quality paro® isola coated wire and the filaments are made of extremely soft, thin nylon bristles. The coated wire is used as a centerpiece which holds the soft, evenly distributed filaments. Thanks to this innovative technology, no metal touches your teeth, fillings, bridges, implants or crowns, and therefore prevents discomfort or injuries.The comfortable, easy to hold handle is made of plastic, due to reasons of hygiene.

Where are the interdental brushes manufactured?

The conical interdental brushes with their patented paro® isola coated wire and the soft, thin nylon bristles are manufactured in Kilchberg, a municipality on the left shore of Lake Zurich. Our brushes have been awarded the “Swiss Made” quality certification and are produced by a Swiss company with more than 45 years of experience in the area of dental and oral hygiene. Besides being engaged in production, research, and development, the company also offers consultation in their field. The main pillars of their philosophy are innovation, sustainability, and the use of gentle, easy, and effective technologies. They have been producing interdental brushes since 1969.


Which interdental brush is the right one for me?

Biteaway brushes come in different sizes so you can choose which one is fits perfectly into the spaces between your teeth. Our brushes come in 8 sizes for you to try: 1.7mm – 8.0mm. My favorite are conical because this is the easiest shape to fit between your teeth and so the brushes are more stable. Which size you should use depends on the width of the spaces between your teeth, which differs from person to person. Usually though, these spaces are very narrow. All 8 sizes makes Biteaway’s interdental brushes ideal for all types of teeth, and all are designed to be used every day. Start with the smaller size so you don’t hurt yourself.

When should I use my brushes?

For best results, use your brushes in the evening before brushing your teeth with a regular toothbrush. This allows you to get rid of the bacteria and bits of food that have built up during they day and got stuck between your teeth, before you go to sleep. If you don‘t remove the yellowish plaque between your teeth, it can turn to tartar within 72 hours. And you really don‘t want that because this is one of the main contributors to bad breath. The tartar then needs to be removed by a dental hygienist with professional dentists tool‘s.

Just routine....
How do I clean between my teeth with the brushes?
  • The easiest way to learn is to practice a few times in front of the mirror. Using an interdental brush needs a little bit of flair and feeling! Used daily, however, interdental brushes soon become part of your normal routine:
  • Hold the brush by its handle and put its tip at the space between your teeth to find the right angle to insert it. If needed, the brush head can be bent so that it reaches comfortably into the spaces between your teeth.
  • Gently push the brush head into the gap and pull it back out. A little pressure may be necessary, but I don‘t recommend forcing it. Repeat this action for every space between your teeth.
  • After use, clean the brush with running water and dry it.

How do I get into the habit of using the brushes daily?

Biteaway’s motto is “along the way”! If you‘ve chosen to use interdental brushes in your dental hygiene, the trick is to introduce them “along the way” into your daily routine: while cleaning your teeth with the brushes you can read the newspaper, watch T V, take out the garbage, or perhaps even plan tomorrow’s shopping list. This way, the time you spend on the chore just flies by. As soon as the ritual has become habit and you can feel, see and smell the positive results, our brushes will be an established part of your daily routine. And thanks to our subscription service, you don’t even have to remember to buy your brushes because the new ones will be delivered to your doorstep at just the right time, every month.

How often can I reuse my brush?

Basically, an interdental brush can be used until its nylon bristles are out of shape. However, I recommend you switch your brush after one week, because the best results are achieved if your brush is still in perfect shape. I also recommend cleaning your brush thoroughly with running water after each use.

What are the benefits of using my brush daily?

Interdental brushes remove plaque: the sticky film of bacteria forming on your teeth, and in particular between your teeth, where regular toothbrushes and dental floss can‘t reach, or can only reach with difficulty. Plaque is one of the main causes of bad breath, cavities, bacterial inflammation of the gum tissue (gingivitis) and the connecting tissue (periodontitis). These conditions all need to be treated by a dentist, which is very expensive. If you use the brushes every day they will help prevent bad breath AND save you a lot of money on dentist‘s bills!

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